Sunday, 31 January 2021 | Exeter College Chapel, Oxford

Thank you for joining us for this service of choral evensong on Candlemass. Due to the national lockdown, the music is drawn from the Choir's recording archive, and several pieces have been recorded and edited together from isolation during this past week. The order of service can be found here.


0:00 Bell


0:22 Introit: Hail, Gladdening Light, Wood

3:21 Candlemass Liturgy

4:48 Hymn: Of the Father's Love Begotten

9:06 Lesson: Malachi 3. 1–4

10:08 Magnificat for Double Choir in G, Stanford

22:45 Lesson: Luke 2. 22–40

25:28 Nunc dimittis in G, Stanford (recorded in isolation)

29:38 The Responses, Ayleward

33:50 Hymn: Ye Gates Lift up Your Heads on High (recorded in isolation)

36:05 Sermon: Serenity, Petronella Spivey

41:09 Anthem: Hymn to the Creator of Light, Rutter

48:16 The Prayers

49:56 Hymn: Abide with Me

54:08 The Blessing

54:39 Voluntary: Melody, Coleridge-Taylor



In this service:

Officiant: The Rev'd Andrew Allen

Assisted by The Rev'd Canon Dr Margaret Whipp

Preacher: Petronella Spivey

Intercessions: Imogen Choi

Readers: Gwynfor Morgan, Ellen Brewster


Exeter College Choir

Conductor: Christopher Holman

Organ: Christopher Holman and Miles Swinden

Soloist (Nunc dimittis): Matthew Munks


Audio editing: Christopher Holman and Miles Swinden