Sunday, 28 February 2021 | Exeter College Chapel, Oxford

Thank you for joining us for this service commemorating and exploring the poetry of George Herbert. Due to the national lockdown, the music is drawn from the Choir's recording archive, and several pieces have been recorded and edited together from isolation during this past week, including a newly-composed anthem on Herbert's poem 'The Windows' by Nate Sassoon. The order of service can be found here.



0:00 Bell


0:22 Voluntary: Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier, BWV 721, J.S. Bach


4:28 Hymn: Let All the World in Every Corner Sing


10:56 Psalm 98, Evelyn Medley


16:58 The Windows, Nate Sassoon (world premiere, recorded in isolation)


22:17 Lesson: Colossians 1. 3–14


25:16 Poem: Easter Wings


26:34 Anthem: Listen, Sweet Dove, Grayston Ives (recorded in isolation)


31:04 Poem: The Altar


31:52 Hymn: Christ is Made the Sure Foundation


36:03 Lesson: Song of Solomon 2. 3–13


38:37 Anthem: Love Bade Me Welcome, Ralph Vaughan Williams


46:41 Hymn: The God of Love My Shepherd is (recorded in isolation)


51:39 Poem: Prayer I


54:34 Poem: The Prayers


56:00 Poem: Heaven


57:37 Hymn: King of Glory, King of Peace (recorded in isolation)


1:00:14 Voluntary: Fugue in C, BuxWV 174, Buxtehude




In this service:

Officiant: The Rev'd Andrew Allen

Assisted by The Rev’d Canon Dr Margaret Whipp

Readers: Jennifer Opare-Kumi, Bernadette Urtz, Alison Baverstock, Ewa Wegryzn, Chris Fletcher, Harry Ashton-Key, James Green, Helena Bayley


Exeter College Choir

Conductor: Christopher Holman

Organ: Christopher Holman, Miles Swinden

Soloists: Ashlynn Chan, Ellen Luckins, Chris Scholtens, Adam Rebick (Sassoon); Leo Charlier (Vaughan Williams)

Editing: Christopher Holman, Nate Sassoon, Miles Swinden