Friday, 27 November 2020 | Exeter College Chapel, Oxford

Thank you for joining us for this service Choral Evensong, featuring music by Herbert Sumsion and Jean Berger. The order of service can be found here.


0:00  Bells

0:12  Hymn: Let All the World in Every Corner Sing

2:24  The Preces Smith

3:51  Psalms 126–129

13:20  The First Lesson: Isaiah 48

16:08  Magnificat in A Sumsion

21:57  The Second Lesson: Revelation 15

23:58  Nunc dimittis in A Sumsion

27:10  The Creed

27:59  The Responses Smith


33:12  Anthem: The Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee Jean Berger

36:22  The Prayers

42:28  Hymn: The Dutious Day Now Closeth

46:00  The Dismissal

46:11  Ceremonial March Sumsion



In this service:
Officiant: The Rev'd Andrew Allen
Readers: Sophie McDonald, Andrew Small

Exeter College Chapel Choir
  Conductor: Christopher Holman
  Organ: Miles Swinden