Sunday, 16 May 2021 | Exeter College Chapel, Oxford

Thank you for joining us for this service of choral eucharist, broadcast from Exeter College Chapel. The order of service can be found here.


0:00 Hymn: Hail thee, Festival Day!

3:51 Gloria in excelsis, Mass in a, Imogen Holst

8:31 Lesson: 2 Kings 2

10:35 Hymn: The head that once was crowned

11:56 Gospel: Luke 24. 44–53

13:44 Anthem: O clap your hands, Vaughan Williams

18:40 Prayers of the People

21:25 Hymn: Christ triumphant, ever reigning

24:54 Sanctus, Mass in a, Imogen Holst

27:59 Eucharistic Prayer

32:17 Agnus Dei, Mass in a, Imogen Holst

37:11 Hymn: Alleluia! Sing to Jesus!

41:53 Voluntary: Pasticcio, Langlais





In this service:
Officiant: The Rev'd Andrew Allen
Deacon: Andrew Small
Reader: Gwynfor Morgan

Exeter College Choir
Conductor: Christopher Holman
Organ: Miles Swinden