1 November 2020 | Exeter College Chapel, Oxford

Thank you for joining us for this Requiem service, in which we remember those who have gone to their eternal rest. The musical setting is the Requiem in D Minor by Gabriel Fauré. The order of service can be found here.


0:00  Bells

0:09  Voluntary: Pastoral Sumsion

3:51  Introduction

4:45  Hymn: Jerusalem the Golden

7:55  The Greeting, Act of Penitence and Absolution

9:20  Introit and Kyrie: Requiem in d Fauré

15:40  Collect

16:14  Epistle: Revelation 21. 1–7

17:45  Gradual: Now the Green Blade Riseth

20:30  Gospel: John 6. 37–40

21:41  Commemoration of the Departed

31:20  Pie Jesu: Requiem in d Fauré

34:20  The Peace


34:43  Offertory Hymn: Be Still, My Soul

38:17  Preface

39:19  Sanctus: Requiem in d Fauré

42:24  Eucharistic Prayer

45:30  Agnus Dei: Requiem in d Fauré

51:02  Libera me: Requiem in d Fauré

56:11  Postcommunion Prayer


56:43  Hymn: Abide with Me

1:00:54  The Blessing

1:01:20  In paradisum: Requiem in d Fauré

1:04:37  The Dismissal


In this service:

Officiant: The Rev'd Andrew Allen

Readers: James Green, The Rev'd Canon Dr Margaret Whipp

Exeter College Chapel Choir

   Conductor: Christopher Holman

   Organ: Theodore Hill

   Soloists: Caitlin Harrison (Pie Jesu), Matthew Munks (Libera me)